Mingo Creek #2

34 degrees and rain, not a great day for a bike race. I had a blowout while riding to the start line and didn't even know if I'd make the start. If it wasn't for the help from Mr. Pointon I probably wouldn't have. I didn't feel the need for leg warmers so I lined up without them. Apparently I was the only one who felt like this because everyone else had them. By the first time up the small hill on course I was fine and had warmed up. The 4/5 race only had 17 people at the start line and only 6 were left in the lead group by the second lap. At that point Joe Vallese was already off the front. The race went on rather uneventfully because with only 6 people in the group it more of a small group ride. On the final lap after clearing the top of the hill my hands were so frozen that I couldn't feel them enough to shift into my large chainring for about 20 seconds and even then it was only by reaching over with my right hand and pulling the shifter over. On the sprint Luke and his teammate were trying to box me in so I decided to jump earlier than I had originally wanted to but it all worked out for good as I held off the field for another second place.

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