Mingo Creek #3

Well, you can never say I'm not consistent. Race #3 was the nicest day for any of the races, by far. So of course the field was full for the first time in the series. Once again Joe Vallese went off the front. I didn't know what he looked like so when I saw him go I wasn't really worried until someone told me who it was. I then tried a crazy move to try and catch him but when no one followed me I quickly gave up that chase and decided I'd try for the sprint again. On the last lap I was trying to stay in the top 3 riders on the downhill to avoid getting boxed in. On the last small hill I got completely on the left and had to move really far forward or I knew I'd get shut in. On the back straight two people tried to make moves that I jumped on right away. The second rider to go was from Spokes N Skies and I moved around him about 200yards til the last turn. When we hit the small bump as you make the turn I started my sprint and felt my back wheel come off of the ground. From there, there was no turning back. With approx. 200 yards to go I saw a rider starting to pull along side me and I was just hoping that I wasn't already in my 53x12. Luckily I was spinning my legs off in a 53x14 so I still had two gears to go and it allowed me to hold him off by about a wheel length. This second place also got me the overall win in the series for points. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stick around for the awards ceremony because I had to ride straight back to my car and get on the road so I could make it to work on time.

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