Apr 05: Mingo Park #2

An unusual day today for the second installment of the 2009 Mingo Park Road Race Series ... 40-50 degF and Sun!
Being temporarily sidelined with a swollen knee, I (Henry Dimmick) marshalled the "Mike Friedman Corner" at the top of the descent. A few years ago, Mike (Garmin-Chipotle) took this turn too hot, crossed the (middle line) and crashed head on into a car stopped waiting for the riders to pass.
Cat 4/5 Race:
Sam Morrison - 1st Place
After multiple attacks on the climb by Jake Grantham (ProBikes),
...five riders, including...
...were able to stay off on a breakaway. These 6, with a group of five more chasing them, went to the sprint, with the WIN taken by Sam Morrison...moving him into 1st Place in the Series with one race remaining. Jake finished with a well deserved 3rd Place.
Cat 1/2/3 Race
Mark Briercheck - (20th Place)
Dave Shaffer - (21+)
Master 50+ Race
T.Lyle Ferderber (8th Place) ... moving him into 9th Place in the Series.
After the Awards ceremony, Sam RODE home ... from (near Washington, Pa.) clear up to Butler! Last we heard from him, he was about 10 miles outside Butler... estimating a 130 mile day. Simply Awesome :)

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Anonymous said...

Sam had an amazingly well calculated final sprint yesterday. He played the field like a fiddle!

Congrats Sam! Great Race!