June 13: Oxford Road Race

Sam Morrison competed in the Cat 3/4 Oxford Road race in Chester County, Pa. this past Saturday on his way across the state to attend the USAC Cycling Development Camp. Interestingly enough, this early SUMMER race had HAIL... contributing to a breakaway of 3 riders...with Sam finishing in 2nd Place in the final sprint. Story by Sam: 5 laps. Started slow. A couple of attacks, then it started to spit, then it started to come down hard. I moved to the front because I knew the group wasn't going to be going too fast in the rain. Then it started to hail, and the one guy attacked at the bottom of the climb. A few seconds later I went, and then another kid started to bridge. I yelled at the guy in front to wait for us, and he did. As soon as we grouped up i went to the front and hammered for a couple of minutes. It was so miserable drafting wasn't really doing anything, and you could barely see 5 feet. The roads were like rivers, I'm surprised none of us went down. On the final straight we slowed down and did the tactic thing, and I got second. Kerry Werner (2008 Worlds Qualifier) won it.

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