June 21: Ft. Cherry RR

Thanks to Fred Jorden for the above image! Dave Shaffer, Mark Briercheck (above) and Sam Morrison (in lead above) competed in the Ft. Cherry Road Race in McDonald, Pa. After repeated attacks, Sam was able to finish a terrific 7th Place in the Cat 1/2/3 race. Mark and Dave finish 28th+ Sam's Story: 3 solo/ duo attacks. One with Bob Stumpf to go after a break. Lasted a couple of minutes. One with Jake Lifson (pictured on Sam's Blog) covering me as I bridged up to the break. That was hard. He just sat behind me, and I knew he wasn't going to work (because he had a teammate in the break) so I just TT'd up. Last one was (when) I thought the second to last lap was the last lap. I attacked with 3-4 miles to go and had a HUGE gap on the field, and then came around and realized I still had another whole lap to go :( I still got seventh, in the money, (but am) super shredded. Very tired.

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