June 21: Fat Tire Challenge

Rich Allen competed in The Fat Tire Challenge in Sigel, Pa. Rich competed in the 14 mile Sport Class, finishing 29th Overall, and 10th in 50+ Category. Here is Richy's Story: Did the Fat Tire Challenge in Siegel on Sunday. 100 Sport riders w/ one on a unicycle, yep Dave Crack, 35 or so Experts. Really fast group of riders this year. Sport was 15 miles with a dirt road uphill start for a mile or so then a 2 mile climb and then a 1 1/2 mile climb, 4000ft of total climbing. Lots of rocks, a couple small streams, lots of trees and 12 miles of mud. More technical then I would have thought for a race but still fun. Stayed with the main group for the first 6 miles or so, mostly single track so it was single file. Got to about 7 miles and my back started to hurt, it does this some times but if I slow down it'll usually go away, this time it didn't. Kept the back of the main group in sight for a mile or so then never saw them again. I was very disappointed that my back gave out before my legs.

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