July 17: PMVC Time Trial

Rain or shine...bike races happen! This past Friday night was Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club's 25 mile Individual Time Trial. ...and interestingly enough, it seems like it was actually a FAST night in these conditions...!!!??? When the first racers went off, the sky was dark, but the roads were dry. By the time the last rider went off, it was raining HARD. The hard rain kept up for about 15 minutes, then settled into a medium rain for the next 30 minutes before stopping just before the first riders were finishing their Hour of Pain! Only 4 Brave (stupid!) Ag3r Souls competed in this evening's event: 1st Place - Brian Hopkins (4 seconds short of the 5 year old Track Record) TERRIFIC!!! 4th Place - Steve Marlette (Holder of the MOST sub-hour performances at this distance since the beginning of the PMVC Event)... all while setting a Personal Record at this distance! 10th Place - Henry Dimmick (shouting encouragment with each lapping by Hopkins & Marlette!) 12th Place - Ray Sielski (Setting a Personal Record at this distance!) Go X-Ray!

Pictured: Hopkins (L) and Sielski (R)

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