July 12: Renfrew Ras

The following is a post race story by Ag3r racer Steve Marlette! The Renfrew Rás was an enjoyable experience for my first road race. It may have not been the best choice based on my current abilities, but you could not have asked for a better day and the course was picturesque. The race was well organized and the Ag3r guys did a great job supporting the race! I heard a lot of cheers cheers as I came around the course. I learned that I am not very good on steep climbs. The Renfrew hill was a killer! My second time up the hill separated me from the lead group almost from the bottom. I ended up on my own for the second half of lap two until I hit the hill for the third time. Even with a 27 tooth sprocket, I was not sure I could make to the top. There, on that leg busting hill, four rides caught up to me. I stayed with them to almost the end were I tried an early jump to get a gap before the last hill. But as soon as I hit the small hill before the finish, I knew I was going to get passed - by all of them! It was a nice experience and good workout :-) Thanks to T-Lyle for pre-riding the course with me and giving me a few tips on how to stay out of trouble. Steve (the flatter the better - TT guy)

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