July 12: Renfrew Ras Road Race

This weekend is the Renfrew Ras Road Race in Butler, Pa. Registered to Race for Ag3r are: Sam Morrison Dave Shaffer Steve Marlette Ag3r & FoxVelo members Marshalling Corners are: Randy McCracken Mark Briercheck Rich Allen Ray Sielski Jim Miller Rich Seevers Dave Hickey Ag3r members part of the Organizing "Committee" (of 2!) are: Henry Dimmick - Course Prep/Corner Marshal/MotoMarshal Coordinator

Ag3r members serving as Motorcycle Marshals are: Henry Dimmick Ken DeFurio

Additionally, the following Ag3r Family Members will take part in putting on the race:
Kirk Morrison - Corner Marshal
Matt Sielski - Corner Marshal
Hunter Dimmick - Corner Marshal
Cindy Dimmick - Registration
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Unknown said...

Me (Brian)

Cathy & Dale Hertweck said...

You guys did an awesome job...Thank you!!!!