Nov 14: Kent State CX

This past Saturday, Mike Maher, Steve Marlette, Rich Allen, Ray Sielski and I (Henry Dimmick) headed off to Kent State University for a CycloCross race. ...and a gorgeous day it was for a Road Trip!

Upon our arrival, Steve broke out his latest in Team Warm-Wear... a fashion risk if ever we saw one! The first race of the day was the Men's Cat 4... which is why we entered 4 riders :)

Steve Marlette...

Ray Sielski...

Rich Allen...

..and Mike Maher.

At the end of the race, Steve took 5th Place, and Mike took 4th Place ... after letting a rider pass him at the LAST moment because he thought there was one more lap to go ... gosh darn-it :)

Of course... we had to hear ALL ABOUT IT afterwards!!!

In the next race, the Men's B, my excuse was even weaker than Mike's ... as the Concrete Edge of Death and Destruction took me out with a flat in the FIRST LAP.... DNF for me :(

Soldiering on were Mike & Steve...

...cheeered on ALL OVER THE COURSE by the Ag3r Peanut Gallery!!!

All in all, an awesome day... the weather, the course and the company included!

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