Nov 22: Kirtland Park CX

This past weekend found the Ag3r Team in Cleveland, Ohio...
...at the Kirtland Park CycloCross.
Again, the day was beautiful... so unlike Cross Season!
Kirtland's claim to fame is The Amphitheatre of Pain!
Racing today were Rich Allen (7th Place Men's C)
Hanna Brewer (2nd Place Women's C)
...who was being photographed from MULTIPLE angles! That's Kirk Morrison framed in the rear wheel!
Steve Brewer (2nd Place Men's C)
Henry Dimmick (26th Place Men's B)
Sam Morrison (6th Place Men's A)
...cheered on by all his fans!
...and ALSO photgraphed from MULTIPLE angles!
THIS is MY view. (Hi Kirk... we see you there in ORANGE!)
...and THIS is Kirk's View!
...and Ray Sielski (16th Place Men's C)
... who is PROUD to have achieved D.O.R.K. status!
Thanks to ALL who contributed photos, using my camera or theirs!

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