PMVC Friday TT

The last PMVC Friday Night TT of the 2010 Season was a 15 mile event...with the final races using our TT bikes not far behind.  Here comes CycloCross!

After "buying some speed", Kirk headed out onto a busy (and crowded) night on track. 

In the end, Ag3r riders found themselves occupying many of the money placings offered by Oscar & Stephanie Swan... "Thanks" to them  :)

1st Place - Brian Hopkins
3rd Place - Steve Marlette
4th Place - Dan Schar (PR by 1:28)
5th Place - Henry Dimmick
8th Place - Kirk Morrison (PR by 0:47)
13th Place - Rich Allen
15th Place - Mark Briercheck
16th Place - Ray Sielski (PR by 0:03)

Of course, the "racing" is only PART of any event for US. Afterwards, The Team hung out well after the last racers had left the venue and the street light had lit...

Steve Marlette joined the 15 people infield party attended by his wife and neighbors...

Dan Schar re-hydrated(!)...

...and Henry apparently had something sour to drink!

As always...a terrifically painful way to end the week  :)

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