Colavita Eastern Ohio TT

Steve Marlette and Henry Dimmick headed into Ohio for the 4th in this 5-race Colavita Eastern Ohio TT Series.  Despite the rainy drive and overcast skies, what we found was:

A paved parking lot for warm-ups...

A Starting Ramp...attended by Promoter Brian Baird of Applied Vision, an engineering partner with Agr!

An extensive prize list...

...and GREAT Organization & Sponsorship...

...all combining to make this race an totally enjoyable experience!  After the (dust) had settled...

Steve finished in 1st Place of the Men's 40-49 division

...and Henry finished in 3rd Place of the Men's 50-59 division.

This is a race we will have to come back to!

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Anonymous said...

I spoke with the tean earlier today at the Bud Harris Track. My email is chess203@comcast.net

event blog: tourdudistrict.blogspot.com


Thank you,