Pa. State Master's TT

Kirk Morrison took a shot at the Pa. State Master's Individual Time Trial Title...finishing in:

16th Place (Men's 50-54 yrs) ...with results also reported here.

In Kirk's Words:
I ended up placing 16th in the 50-54 age group with a time of 31'34".  The race was held over a fairly hilly course with over 500 feet of climbing over the 20K.

I couldn't help but note that my time would have put me in the top 10 for the 30-34, 35-39 and 40-44 age groups (and #11 for the 45-49 group). I'm surprised that there are so many fast guys in the 50+ group.

I was hoping for a better result but considering that I've only had 2 days to get used to the UCI Legal position (had to move my saddle to the rear by over 5cm !) I can't complain. The "illegal" position was definitely more comfortable and faster. No pics ... hopefully I will be able to get a few
at Nationals on Tuesday.

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