Bruceton Mills CX

Rich Allen, Kirk Morrison and Henry Dimmick traveled the superslab down to the Morgantown, West Virginia area for the Bruceton Mills Cyclocross race.

Meanwhile, Steve Marlette entered the wrong address into his GPS and traveled to the "wrong place" in West Virginia, never making the race!!! 

If you are from Pennsylvania, right now you may be asking yourself, "Is there a "right place" in W.Va.?"  Well, we're here to tell you that there certainly is  : )
THANKS to Ben Stephens, West Liberty Cycles, Rick PlowmanKirk Morrison for the Images in this Post.
In Kirk's Words:
This was a fairly fast course (approx 1 mile loop) with “mostly” dry conditions and only one mud section...
...one run-up and one set of barriers...

The weather was remarkably warm (60F+) for mid/late November with some sun and (unfortunately) some gusting winds. The venue at the Parks Farm was excellent with the ability to view almost the entire course from our camp.

For the Cat4 race my average lap times were 5’41”. Unfortunately, this effort sapped a bit of my energy which led to a 5’52” average lap time in the subsequent Masters 40+ race. I was hoping to overcome the fatigue with the help of 4 refreshing “hop enhanced electrolyte replacement beverage” hand-ups during the second race. While these ‘hand-ups” definitely helped and had other significant benefits, my pace still dropped off in race # 2.

The highlights of the day included the remarkable bike handling skills of the post-toddler competitors during the kids race, as well as the post ride swim race across the race pond by Stephanie Swan and (some guy!)

The barn tunnel was also an unexpected treat...

...with Gremlins raining down donuts and whipped cream on the passing riders!
Cat 4 Race Results:
Rich took 18th Place

Kirk took 20th Place
Cat 2/3/4, 40+ Race Results
Rich finished in 11th Place, winning the days Ag3r Team competition!

Henry finished in 12th Place

Kirk finished in 14th Place

Anyplace there is a CycloCross race, is the RIGHT PLACE  ...in ANY state!

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