Dirty Dozen

Attempting to combat the effects of too much Turkey Dinner, Sam & Kirk Morrison returned to the 2010 edition of Danny Chew's Dirty Dozen hill climb "race".

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Thanks to Ben Stephens & Lorraine Nacey for the images, and Ryan Post for the video.
Kirk returned on his road bike...

...finding again that at the top of EVERY climb is a GRAVEYARD ...for dead cyclists!

...while Sam returned as STOKER of a "tan-dumb" with Montana Miller as Pilot.

Check the video below of Sam & Montana tackling Canton Avenue...a 38% grade "cobble" hill that is completely closed to traffic in the winter.

Apparently, 170 participants attended this year, despite the 30degree, snow flurry conditions.

HATS OFF to the two of you. This is one TOUGH effort to complete.

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