Colorado Cross Classic

Sam Morrison spent "a day at the beach" at the Colorado Cross Classic!
From the race website:
The Colorado Cross Classic is a UCI Sanctioned – Category 2 race and is proud to be part of the North American Cyclocross Trophy National Series (NACT). The CCC is also part of the American Cycling Association’s Colorado Cross Cup amateur series, which recognizes the best cyclocross racers in the state.

Feeling full of confidence, and handcuffed by his racing success & Category Upgrades(!), Sam raced with the UCI Pros

...beating Ryan Trebon (Kona)...

...who DNFed.      Ssshhhhhh   : )

While there Zach, Danae, Sam & Deidre...

....found a great place along the "ride-up" to watch the other races.

Look to the right of the CROSS WALK sign for Diedre's pink shirt and Sam's blue glasses!

Thanks to M.Kane & TrailWatch.net for the Photos

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