Tampa (Florida) Criterium

Dave Shaffer was in Florida for a few day racking up lots of flat and windy miles to start off the season.  While he was there, he competed in a Criterium, and sent home the following story, along with a picture of he and his mates without shirts ...that I will not be posting here due to the overwhelming amount of Western Pa. Winter-White skin...!!!

Dave Texted:
Didn't get much of a warm up mainly there wasn't any where to warm up, they wouldn't let anybody ride the course so sat kind of in back of pack to learn the course, 6 turn some cobble sections and narrow streets,pretty awesome course, with speeds hovering almost 31 mph gaps happened pretty quick, being towards the back I found myself in one of those gaps,

With a 400 mile pretty intense week my leggs were pretty tired to respond, kept going as fast as I could at 25 mph caught a few more gapped riders dropped them, pretty soon I got lapped and hung on to the back of the pack, finnaly my leggs came around, but just stayed near the back as not to interfere with the guys that lapped me.

I got 27th in the 35+ class and did not stick around for the pro race,as rummors of a possible snow storm in wva so wanted to get on the road..  Well, back up north to cold reality,set my sights for next sundays circut race in north east pa....race weather today 87 sunny......

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