Amity RR #2

Steve Marlette and Dave Shaffer attended the second Amity Road "Training Race".

In the Master's Race, Steve took 7th Place.

In the Men's 1/2/3 Race, Dave took 11th Place.
Photos by Fred Jordan
from Steve's perspective:
The sun was shinning and the temperature had come up to the 50’s by the start of the race. It was the first day of spring and my first race of the season. The weather for the 2nd Amity road race was much nicer than the first, but the hill on the 7 lap course was not any less long or steep.

Dave Shafer and I took a casual warm-up lap before the race started. He told me that he was headed to Florida right after the race. If you really feel like you need a reason to go on vacation and relax, the Amity Road race can certainly provide.

On the first lap I dropped my chain just before the steepest part of the climb. After several miles of chasing, I managed to catch the pack just before starting uphill again for the second lap. I stayed in contact with the lead pack of the masters race until the 5th time up the hill, which by now, was more like a wall. The group was just in sight at few points over the last 2 laps, but the race was full on and my legs were nearly out.

I finished just behind Skip, the winner of last weeks race, so overall I was happy with my performance. You could not have asked for nicer weather or a better workout for a “training race.”

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