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Sam Morrison raced a 100 mile mtn bike race called The Bailey Hundo.

Racing the Men's Open Pro Division, Sam turned some heads when he finished in 7th Place Overall...!!! Check the Results HERE.

Afterwards, the following thing happened:

Press Release!

Moving On Up?

We are NOT talking about George Jefferson here...but Sam Morrison!  Due in part to this result, Sam has received and accepted, an offer to begin riding for the Epic Pro Cycling Team.

Epic Pro is the (pro) arm of the Epic Endurance Cycling Team. Their emphasis is on the (long) mtn races like the Bailey Hundo, Transylvania, Breck Epic, and more.

While this is not Sam's first offer to ride for another Team, this is his first Pro Team offer, and one that is (scheduled) to provide him with much more, and "local" (Boulder Area) support than Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem can.

You can learn (a little) more about both groups at:



Congratulations Sam :)

Sniff, Sniff.
Our little boy's all growed up, Mah...!

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Congratulations Sam.