PMVC Track Bike Night

Steve Brewer took his new Fixie Track Bike out of his holster for the first time...and proceeded to spin at 150 rpms until his legs and lungs exploded!!!

Words by Oscar Swan
The rain held off, sort of, until the last event. Everyone got points. Ties were decided by 2-Lap times. A nice tight group of riders. Next time, everyone bring someone else. Points are indicated cumulatively.

Race A.  2-Lap TT
5. Steve Brewer 2:16 (1pts)

Race B. Miss N Out
3. Steve Brewer (4pts)

Race C. Sprints
2. Steve Brewer (8pts)

Race D. Snowball
6+ Steve Brewer

Race E. 2 Mile Handicap
5. Steve Brewer (9pts)

OMNIUM (Overall)
5. Steve Brewer (9pts)

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