PMVC Track Bike Night

FIXIEs ...are a major workout!

Steve Brewer and Henry Dimmick took out their single speeds and headed to the PMVC Friday Night at the Track for some high-rev racing.  Because of the need for a moderate gear to get up the front straight, heading down the back straight into Turn #3 can be a 125-150 rpm experience!  Tears your legs right OFF.

The Final Omnium Results were as follows:

2nd Place - Steve Brewer (15.5)
5th Place - Henry Dimmick (6.5)

Text and Individual Races results by Stephanie Swan:

Friday Night Track Night is the best-kept bike-event secret in town.The quality of racing is good and evenly matched, and the chance for anaerobic training is unmatched.

It seems that the existing records for the 200 meter flying and standing start are not that bad, as no one broke either one.  Steve Brewer came awfully close to the standing start record of 17.61, with a time of 17.64.

Steve Bedillion made a valiant try for the standing-start 1-lap record, but fell short by a little over a second.  Here are the results:

RACE A: 2-lap TT
3. Steve Brewer 2.19
7. Henry Dimmick 2.25

RACE B: 10-Lap Handicap
1. Steve Brewer
5. Henry Dimmick

RACE C: Sprints (2 heats + repechage)
2. Steve Brewer
4. Henry Dimmick

RACE D: Win and Out
4. Steve Brewer
5. Henry Dimmick

RACE E: 2-Lap Olympic Sprint
2. Dimmick/Ferrar
3. Brewer/Peterson

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