Ghostly Grey MTB

Timed perfectly with the FIRST SNOW of the season, Kirk Morrison and Mike Maher decided to do a mountain bike race over a rocky & wet course!  While we all aspire to be Smart, and Fast, and Tough, most of (us) are happy with 2-out-of-3   : )

Tale by Kirk Morrison

Mike and I headed over to Camp Lutherlyn (Prospect, PA) for the annual 30K Ghostly Gray MTB race (3 laps of a 10K course). This is a fundraising event (including 5K and 10K trail runs) to benefit the PA State Police run “Camp Cadet” which is held every August at this camp.

The conditions were challenging with temperatures in the low 30’s, while rain & wet snow fell from above, leading to lots of hiking on the hills due to the slick, muddy conditions.

Mike had a great start and was part of the group of 3 lead riders. Unfortunately, Mike flatted about halfway through his first lap. I passed off my CO2 cartridge when I passed but unfortunately, his tire had suffered an irreparable torn sidewall (which forced him to abandon the race).

During the 2nd lap, I was able to pick off a number of riders to move up into 10th place when I finally made contact with the group of 4 riders that were in front of me. Unfortunately, I then started losing air in my rear tire. With the 3 or 4 stops to pump-up the leaking tire, I was not able to stay with this group. However I was able to hold onto my 10th position which ended up as my finish placing.

While the trails were extremely muddy and slick, the 7 stream crossings/lap actually helped to clean off some of the accumulating mud. Well marked trails, enthusiastic volunteers with pizza and a warm fire at the finish ! Excellent race. Highly recommended (12 minutes from Butler !).

Results link is below:


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