Marilla CX

25 derailleurs/chains and 3 frames ...2 of them carbon. 
COST: ~= $10,000.

THIS sums up what a muddy course leading into a pea-gravel pit can do to a bicycle.

DO NOT try this at home  :(

A cold morning...

...did not deter a few riders from wearing "special kit" during the first race of the day....setting the tone for what would come for the rest of us! 

The following images are intended for "Mature" audiences!


..."uniforms" that may "look" cute, but do not lend themselves well to crashing...

..."uniforms" that should have been "ticketed" by THIS guy...

...and "uniforms" that should have been disqualified by THIS guy!

Anyway ...on to some RACE RESULTS.

Men's 40+ Open
Mike Maher - 3rd Place

Mark Briercheck - 10th Place

Men's 50+ Open
Rich Allen - 3rd Place

Henry Dimmick - 4th Place ...running the last half lap after his derailleur broke off.

Kirk Morrison - 6th Place

Men's 3/4
Steve Brewer - 13th Place ...after wrestling with a squirrel's nest!

Single Speed - Open
Kirk Morrison - 12th Place

Women's Cat 4
Hannah Brewer - 1st Place...Queen for the Day, AGAIN :)

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