Murrysville CX

For the 4th year in a row, the Murrysville CycloCross Race was Promoted by Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem and the Freddie Fu Cycling Team

What this means is that we show up on Saturday to set up the entire course, then return on Sunday to make any and all final preparations before the first race, handle all course marshalling duties during the (6) races, assist Team Fu with various race administration duties, (hopefully get to race?!!!), then after everyone has gone home for the day, tear the course completly apart and clean up.

A long weekend, to be sure....for Brian Hopkins, Dan Schar, Hannah Brewer, Steve Brewer, Kirk Morrison, Mark Briercheck, Mike Maher, Rich Allen, Steve Marlette and Henry Dimmick.

Below is a collection of photos from the day.  Thanks to Fred Jordan, Suzanne Atkinson and the Allegheny Cycling Association and Sonic Imaging for the photos.


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