Dash for Cash

...is a great x-Country MTB course, open only ONCE a year... where only 3 people have been swept away in the waist deep river crossing.  Then again, maybe I am exagerating(?)

Fable by Mike Maher

Fire, Plague, and Petulance

Well we didn’t actually have any fire plague or petulance, but we did have some biblical proportion rain and hail the size of grapes!

Of course this just made an already challenging course that much more fun. The course was slick, rocky, rooty and frankly pretty treacherous. Couple NASTY downhills and some brutal uphills made a course that never allowed you a moment to relax or let your guard down. Exactly what you want when you sign up for a mountain bike race.

Hell if you want smooth sailing….stay on the road or your couch!

Another cool thing about this race is the time trial format. LOVE it!   Carrots all race long.

This is the first time I’ve done this race seeming to always have a conflict. This course is so fun and the vibe so cool, then throw in a post race PARTY with free BBQ, BEER and live music and, …I will not miss it again!

Rich Allen and Hanna Brewer met me at the race. Hannah true to my predictions is becoming THE mountain biker on our team. She absolutely shredded this tortuous course to take second place overall for the women. Those hours at Moraine are paying bid dividends cause on a course that had grown men whimpering…she absolutely rocked it.

Hannah Brewer - 2nd Place Woman, 28th Place Overall

Rich also tore it up and is riding as well as I’ve ever seen him . His hard work and pushing till the end earned him a solid second in the 50+ category. Amazed that someone beat him as well as he’s riding.

Rich Allen - 2nd Place 50+, 10 Place Overall

Yours truly WON the 46 year old, SingleSpeed w/ Camelback division for the third consecutive week and wound up 14th overall with two chain issues. BTW this is supposed to be the reason your run SS. HAHA!

Mike Maher - 5th Place 40-50, 14th Place Overall

I did not get any pictures but hope to find a few on the net. If I do, I’ll send them over!


Mike Maher

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