Big Bear 2 x 12

Mike Maher and his (new sidekick) Bobby Irwin had a pretty strong showing considering an old guy and a new rider were thrown together to compete!

Bobby rode strong, turning a 1:31 and a 1:39 which is pretty consistent considering the terrain at BB and him being so new to MTB.

Mike went out first and had a 1:27 with the delightful uphill start and said he actually felt better for his 1:22 second lap.

Overall they finished a solid 8th Place in the Open Sport Class.

Mike said, "I was pretty darn happy with that result and even more so that we had no crashes or mechanicals. Plus Sierra came down and hung out with us, so I got some bonus Pre Father's Day quality time with her."

THIS RACE marks the Official End of the Blue & Lime "SMURF KIT".

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