PMVC Fixie Friday

Only Henry Dimmick was "fixated" on getting to the Bud Harris Oval on Washington Blvd in Pittsburgh, Pa...

...in order to try out his new Fixed Gear Track Bike...

...at the season opening night of the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club's Fixie Friday! 

While not his best showing, he was at least consistant. His results were as follows:

2-Lap Chariot Race
5th Place

2-Lap Individual Time Trial
6th Place

Danish Sprint
7th Place

6-Lap Rabbit
5th Place

10-Lap Scratch
7th Place

Omnium Result
6th Place

For those who have ever ridden a Fixed Gear Bike...you know, that to do so, and like it, is to "have a screw loose"....well here is proof of THAT :)

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