ABRA Tomlinson Run XC

Hannah Brewer, Henry Dimmick, Ray Sielski and Rich Allen ventured south to the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Assocation' Tomlinson Run MTB Cross Country Race.

SHORT STORY = Only Richy finished!

Photo by Mike Briggs

LONG STORY = Hannah broke a pedal....and was walking when Ray came upon her... 

Photo by Mike Briggs

Ray swapped bikes with her because his pedals matched her (shoes/cleats).

Photo by Mike Briggs
BUT ...the conditions were SO MUDDYSLIPPERY and BOG-LIKE, that Hannah could not refind her groove on Ray's bike, so demonstrating Ag3r's Borg-Like HIVE MENTALITY, when our QUEEN ABANDONED, both Ray and Henry...

Photo by Mike Briggs

...abandoned WITH her; all walking to the finish.  DNF x 3...!!!

Only "Honey Badger" Allen, who was off the front of our hapless trio, rode on to finish, "Cause HE DON'T CARE" ...finishing in 4th Place of the Men's Cat 1/2/3 55+ race.

Photo by Mike Briggs
You GO Richy!

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stiCk said...

"It's only rocks" -- was a quote I heard from Sarge