Erie Time Trial

While in recent years there is an increasing number of races in the spring, for a LONG TIME, the Iroquois Sports Boosters Presque Isle Individual Time Trial has marked the beginning of the ROAD Season!

Steve MarleTTe was our solo adventurer to this event; showing that despite all our "age"(group) jokes, OLD GUYS (still) RULE :)

Here is Steve's report:

Presque Isle May 4 2014
The winds were gusting across the peninsula, smacking the riders with blasts of cold rain as the race went on.

Even though I knew it was tough for everyone racing, the slow average speed on my computer was sometimes disheartening.  Every pedal stroke seemed to produce very little forward motion.  Still, I kept pedaling as hard as my legs can stand.

When the results were posted at the registration table on the Presque Isle Beach, the top times were some of the slowest I have seen for the 12.5 mile course.  Luckily, my time was the best of the worst. 

I have been doing this race for over 8 years now and I finally left with top prize of the day.

This was a nice victory after a long hard battle and a great way to start the 2014 season.


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