Mayhem Short Track MTB

Kirk Morrison skimmed the CREAM off the top of his life....and headed down to the SLAG at the bottom of the pile ...by attending the Month of MAY-hem's Short Track MTB race #1.

Here is Kirk's "short story"!

Race Date: 5-3-14
Race Location: Slag pile and riverfront hillsides near Frick Park, Pittsburgh

Race Category: Men's Open

Finish Place: 10th Place

Race Conditions: Overcast with temperatures in the high 50's. Very unique course (think large slag pile)...
Photo by May Hem

...with lots of technical challenges and big features. Impressive new trails along the river which appear to have just recently been "bench cut" into the steep hillside (don't look down !).

Comments: Very fun and challenging (undocumented) grassroots race on mostly new trails using paper plate numbers...
Photo by May Hem

...and a junk pile for the podium. 
Photo by May Hem

This was a great opportunity to check out some of the technical trails in (and near) Frick Park.
Photo by May Hem

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