a ride just to stretch the legs

I was out this morning on a short ride just to get my legs moving before Mingo Creek tomorrow. The ride was cut extra short because my mother told me that she was cooking a big lunch for the whole family and I needed to be back and cleaned up by 12:30. I did an easy hour of spinning with one 10 minute tempo interval and a few sprints thrown in just for fun.Once I was headed for home I met up with my dad who headed out the door after I did and came to meet me.

It was a beautiful day for a ride but still a bit cold. That was enough to make us extra happy standing around the fireplace after returning home.
Now it's time to rest up for the remainder of the day and prepare to be dropped tomorrow at Mingo Creek.

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Rich said...

you guys and that wood burner. toughen up a little bit would ya. its pennsylvania and its bound to be a llittle chilly.