Sonny Hutchins Memorial Criterium

Just got home from the Sonny Hutchins Memorial Criterium. I did the Cat. 1,2,3 race. Normally I wouldn't stand a chance but it was on a 1/3 mile stock car oval with banked turns. The race was 60 laps(20miles) long. I started the race in my usual position, at the back. It wasn't really on purpose, but when we were 15 laps into the race I just happened to look behind me to see how many people were back there and there was no one. I was just happy to be hanging on because I didn't use my inhaler today and my lungs were really feeling it. I knew after the initial rush my lungs would be fine and continue to improve the longer the race went on. I figured it didn't matter very much because this was all gonna come down to a sprint anyway. Eventually I moved up through the field and I must say, I did a fine job. Not once did I ever have to put my nose to the wind to move up. I just followed wheels and waited until the end. I guess I picked pretty good and followed a guy from Nature's Path and he pulled me up the outside of the pack. All seemed to be going well until the last turn when we were riding 3 wide and I was moving up. Then the guy to the inside of me couldn't hold his line and started drifting outwards into me and I was blocked on the outside and didn't really have anywhere to go. I ended up having to not pedal the final corner and slow down to prevent the crash but I then I was going much too slow for the sprint to the line that was only 3oo yards away. I started my sprint and ended up 9th place overall. I don't know where I finished in the Cat. 3's, I'll post that when I find out. Not bad for my first sprint of the year and I'm not just talking about sprinting in race conditions. I haven't sprinted all, maybe I should work on that;-)

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