Spring is here!

I was out today for my first ride of the year on the parkway. It was sunny with temps in the mid 60's in the valley for the start of the ride. Once I got onto the parkway it was still sunny but temperatures dropped into the mid 50's.
It was a nice ride and there were lots of people out on bikes. I think today was the first day the parkway was reopened for cars. I must have seen 25 cyclists (8-10 pros) and only 10 cars. All of the riders were going the opposite direction so I had no one to ride with. I guess maybe I need to switch my loop so I go the same way. If I did that and started riding with those guys they may reverse their loop to get away from me.
I started the ride doing intervals for the first hour and then did tempo for the rest. Overall I rode for just about 2 1/2 hours on a beautiful day.

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