Excelent roller ride

Ever since I saw that video of Nick Fisher doing his tricks on the rollers, I've had the desire to get myself back on some rollers. I recently purchased a set of used rollers to give it a try again. It has been about 5 to 6 years since riding my old home-made set of rollers. While I'm not riding with one leg and juggling at the same time, I was able to put in a good hour today. I was expecting a rainy morning, so even though it was dry outside, I didn't have the clothes ready for the day's cool temps


Henry Dimmick said...

Show us a picture of the (beautiful woman?) who is always hanging around taking pictures of you all the time!!!

John said...

I have only posted two pictures of myself. What makes you think I have a beautiful women following me around with a camera? I want to know how Brian gets all of the nice action shots of himself during races.