Dash 4 Cash - MTB Race

Whoa! What a great... technical... painful... race course. From the very rocky single track to the near vertical descents, to the multiple 75+ foot wide, thigh deep river crossings, to the quarter-mile pitch black tunnel, this course was one for the ages! Making it more unique, the race was set in a time trial format, with 2 riders going off at a time every 60 seconds.
Rich Allen, Sam Morrison and I raced, then hung out for hours listening to live music, eating from a massive buffet of food and drink under a 50' tent, and waiting for the Results.
While the results are not yet posted... Sam took 3rd in Expert and I took 4th in Sport. Meanwhile, between the pictured "out-of-bounds-marker" taken from the course and a bent rear derailleur, Richy was having a bit of difficulty shifting!

This event was awesome... and HOT... and after 5 hours and darn near 100 ounces of water, I have yet to visit the little boys room!


samlikesbikes said...

Richie you really got that pink ribbon good!

Anonymous said...

ya that race was beastly. great job sam and henry

Hunter Dimmick said...

They make it pink for a reason dude[So you can see it for the ones who passed with the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT]