PMVC Track Bike Night

Oscar Swan (and his megaphone!) has returned from his (summer in Europe) to run the final TT and Track Bike nights of the 2010 PMVC Friday Night Series.

On this LAST Track Bike (Fixie) night of the season...

...Henry Dimmick remembered how much "fun" racing (6 events) back-to-back-to-back is...by throwing up (only once!) DURING the final 15 Lap Points race.  Sorry, no pictures are available!

Taking 5th Place Overall in the Omnium, Henry placed as follows in the individual events:
6th Place - 1 lap TT
6th Place - Elimination Sprints
3rd Place - Chariot Race
6th Place - Miss & Out
1st Place - 2 Man Relay (w/ Jason Zimmerman)
7th Place - 15 Lap Point Race


Affib Rider said...

That dud in front had more hair on his face than you do on your head.

Henry Dimmick said...

Barely...but Probably :)