2 Mile Run MTB

Rich Allen ran and rode in the 2 Mile Run Mountain Bike Race...and may never know how he finished!

Richy says:
Raced the 2 Mile Run MB race and it didn't go very well at all.

The race started a with a 100 yard sprint to where the bikes where staged then up a "mountain", actually a sled riding hill. Since I was in no hurry on the run I had a lot of passing to do before heading into the woods, gota pass as many as you can before the single track. Into the woods on to some double track passed a few more and was on the back of the lead pack. I hear someone behind yell hey Rich I need to get around you so I pulled left and he went right, it was Justin never saw him again.

A mile or so later we got lost, actually we found a long string of riders going up the hill we had done a couple minutes earlier so back up the hill looking for the course, someone yelled "it's over here" and off we went.  After getting dropped and hooking up with a slower group we got lost again but this time we caught and passed the guy leading the point series "Pat " for my age group that, was the second time I passed him! I hear someone behind me yell hey there's a Roadie infront of me he passes me and it's Brian Parker never saw him again.

About mile 9 we got lost again and when we where found I was back passing Pat again. About mile 12 or 13 I started cramping got passed by Pat but never saw him again either. I hate cramps!

The 18 mile distance was a little long for me to race, gotta give credit to those experts that do it all the time, I've been sore for like 3 days! Because some people got lost and some didn't the race organizers aren't sure what they're going to do about the scoring.

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