Tour d'Strongland

Two days of racing were organized by the Strongland Chamber of Commerce...and the Maher Family took full advantage of this back-yard racing!

Sierra Maher - 2nd Place (Novice Race)
Mike Maher - 1st Place Master (Intermediate Race)

Road Race - Division II
Mike Maher - 3rd Place Overall (2nd Place in 40+)
Kirk Morrison - 14th Place Overall (2nd Place in 50+)

In Kirk's Words:
This past weekend Mike & I raced in the Tour de Strongland Division II road race. The race was going great with both Mike and I riding in the lead group of about 12 riders (out of a 33 rider field).

Unfortunately at mile 7 my front wheel was crossed by a veering competitor causing me to crash pretty hard. After realigning my wheels (they wouldn’t turn !) and brakes I worked to chase back onto the lead pack but ended up finishing the last 14 miles solo.

In the end Mike got 3rd overall in a field sprint finish (2nd in the 40+ group) and I ended up with 14th place overall (2nd place in the 50+ age group).

Unfortunately, my crash resulted in a broken helmet, a torn jersey and a fair amount of road rash. In spite of this tumble, I have to say that I was pumped to be able to hang with the lead group. Now I just need to watch out for those wayward pack riders !

Results link: http://www.strongland.org/ROAD_2.pdf

In Mike's Words:
Well, not a bad weekend for an old guy. Took first in the masters division of the Tour De Strongland Mountain Bike intermediate Race on Saturday and my beautiful daughter took 2nd in the novice race despite a nasty wreck a mile in. The attached pics will show the trophy envy on my part.

Sunday’s Tour De Strongland Road Race II took on quite a bit of adventure….even before the race started. Kirk Morrison and I were riding around and talking about the race route ect. I was making fun of how last year Brian Hopkins flatted at the race beginning before even getting out of the neutral start.

We were lined up in the race queue when I heard pssssssssssst. That’s right a flat tire while waiting for the race to start. I sprinted back to my truck, on a flat tire, and began a panicked speed change. Somehow during my frenzy, I ripped the stem out of the new tube. Now frantically I’m pulling crap out of my truck looking for tube # 2. Here it is. In it goes. I discharge a C02 and it’s got a hole. Tube # 3 goes in and spill my final CO2 cartridge into the tire and off I go. Not sure if I would have made it back to the start in time without Gary Bywaters delaying the gun. Thanks GARY!

Unfortunately AG3R’s drama was not over. About 4-5 miles in Kirk touched wheels and down he went. I never even knew until after the race. Somehow he bravely managed to finish 2nd in the over 50 group despite some lovely new rash. My efforts to quick change several tubes paid off with a 3rd place overall and second masters. Narrowly missing 2nd by a half a wheel after a prolonged closing sprint.

I’ve also enclosed a pic of the best chain ring tattoo, maybe ever!!!

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