NEOCX #1 - Manatoc

Ag3r's Cross Season Opener?  ...The North East Ohio CycloCross Series (NEOCX) Race #1 at Manatoc, of course  : )

Steve Brewer - 2nd Place (Men's C)
Ray Sielski - 10th Place (Men's C, 50+)

Hannah Brewer - 9th Place (Sport Women)

Steve Brewer - 18th Place (Men's B)

In Hannah's Words:
I raced the "big girls race" -- the open women's category, which was part of the B race. I certainly wasn't a shining star, but I hung on, and had a lot of fun.

According to Random Spectator # 1, the guy who finished 3rd overall in the Men's B Race "Got smoked like a bad cigar", as Steve sprinted past him at the end of the C race to take second place overall! I had to laugh, and of course, was proud of him for "smoking that other guy". In this photo, Steve is pictured behind the 3rd place finisher as they are going over the barriers during their last lap.

It was a fun event, and I see why Steve (among others) are so pumped about CX season.

In Ray's Words:
First Saturday of September, Hanna and Steve Brewer flanked by Ray Sielski attended the NEOCX #1 at Camp Manitowac Ohio. An iffy day turned out to be a perfect day for cyclocross. Partial sun and cool breezes combined with a hard track to make for a fast race.

The course had plenty of single track littered with roots, and was mostly flat and dry, making the grassy fields less technical while bringing us quickly to two sand pits. The sand was deep and slowed you down to a crawl very quickly. If you could maintain balance then a 180 degree turn took you through the second pit. Another 180 degree turn took you into the first of two run ups. This proved to be a calamity for many as they were well of balance through the 2 pits and 2 run ups.

Winner of the B race was on a mountain bike and bunny hopped the barriers.  The event was well attended with a carnival atmosphere of sponsors and riders.

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