End of a Different Road

The Iroquois Sports Boosters, Presque Isle Individual Time Trial, is how Ag3r has historically celebrated the end of the Road Racing Season.  Over that history, beginning with Henry Dimmick attending the Fall 1998 edition, the weather has been all over the map...from warm, sunny & calm ... to dangerously windy and raining with standing water on the course.  This time, FoxVelo & Ag3r racers were met with warm and dry, but windy conditions!

Steve Brewer4th Place Overall (1st Mens 20-29)

Steve Marlette: 12th Place Overall (4th Mens 40-49)

Randy McCracken: 27th Place Overall (8th Mens 50-59)

Dave Hickey: 36th Place Overall (11th Mens 40-49)

Kirk Morrison: 37th Place Overall (14th Mens 50-59)
New Personal Record!

Ray Sielski: 62nd Place Overall (18th Mens 50-59)

Hannah Brewer: 74th Place Overall (2nd Women 20-29)
New Personal Record!

Mark Briercheck: 86th Place Overall (14th Men 30-39)
Lost on Course  : )

Full Results: HERE
While weather is what USUALLY makes the biggest "mark" on the Presque Isle events, this edition will be remembered for Bike Breakage. Steve Marlette had a seat mast failure before the race, and Steve Brewer cracked his aero bar mount out on the course.  Maybe it wasn't a bad day for (all) Ag3r riders... but it sure seemed to be a bad day for our "Steves"...and for Mark! 

As our token Marine (Rich Allen) would have wanted, Ag3r soldiered on to: "…improvise, adapt and overcome"!!!

In Steve Marlette's Words:
What do you do when you have gotten up at 4:00am, driven 2 and a half hours to Presque Isle for a time trial race, and your seat post color breaks a half hour before your start time?....You get out your Gorilla Tape and fix it!  After 15 minutes of trying to find spare parts from kind strangers that would work, I finally secured the seat post with Gorilla Tape just in time to make it to the start line. 

The seat post really did not hold me back at all during the time trial. I fell that I may have been fast if I had gotten a better warm-up, but other than that, it was not a bad performance.  I highly recommend getting some Gorilla Tape and taking it with to races. Steve Brewer should carry it with him during the race so he can repair things like his aero bars that broke out on course, while he is racing.

Afterwards...the hearty headed out for a leisure ride and a few "Pumpkins" !!!

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