Monster CX

Kirk Morrison, Ray Sielski & Rich Allen did the MONSTER MASH...
...by racing the Monster Cross in Morgantown, W.Virginia.

THANKS to Ben Stephens, Kirk Morrison, & Google for the IMAGES here!
In Kirk's Words:
Our Ag3r group included Ray, Rich and me. All 3 of us raced in both the Cat4 and Masters 40+ races.

The conditions were dry and warm (almost 60 degrees F) with a very challenging run-up as well as a twisting route through the sand volleyball court.

As expected, JR Petsko put on a great race which was well worth the 2 hour drive.

Race #1 - Men's Cat 4
Rich finished in 15th Place
Kirk finished in 19th Place (7'56" ave lap time)
Ray finished in 30th Place 
Race #2 - Masters 40plus
This was the first event where I was offered a “hop enhanced electrolyte replacement beverage” during the race. I gladly accepted 3 of these beverage “hand-ups” but passed on the white powder donuts and the whipped cream (maybe next time).

Based on the fact that my average lap times in this event (6 laps raced) were identical (7’56”) to the earlier Cat4 race (with 5 laps raced) I’m forced conclude that these “hand-ups” are definitely “enhanced”.
Rich finished in 12th Place
Kirk finished in 13th Place
Ray finished in 19th Place 

It was a great time. I’m looking forward to next weeks ABRA Cross series finale at Bruceton Mills. Based on the forecast we could have much wetter conditions.


Skir said...

I was going to pack it in for the year, till I saw the photo of the beverage hand up.

Kirk Morrison said...

keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel ...