PMVC 5 mile ITT

NOW the summer has really started  :)

The Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club's "Friday Night at the Track" is one of the best ways to start a weekend!

On Opening Night, Steve Marlette, Steve Brewer, Mark Briercheck, Henry Dimmick, Kirk Morrison and Ray Sielski were joined by SUPER-FAN Hannah Brewer for the first in a Summer Series of time trial events at the Bud Harris Washington Blvd Track.

STAY TUNED for pictures coming from Hannah via Steve's Camera!

Steve Marlette took 6th Place Overall
Setting a New Personal Record by 6 seconds!

Steve Brewer took 7th Place Overall
1 second back from Marlette!
Setting a Benchmark Time at this Distance

Mark took 14th Place Overall
Setting a Benchmark Time at this Distance

Henry took 17th Place Overall
4th Place 50+
...21 seconds off his PR

Kirk took 26th Place Overall
7th Place 50+
Setting a Benchmark Time at this Distance

Ray took 32nd Place Overall
8th Place 50+
Setting a New Personal Record by 9 seconds!

Afterwards, Steve Brewer attempted and UNOFFICIALLY SET a new Track Record for the Standing Start 1-Lap (o.5 mile).  THIS Friday, he will be returning to the track to set it OFFICIALLY!


Skir said...

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