WPW 10 mile TT

Steve Marlette capitalized on his Home Court Advantage at the Washington Blvd Oval, by taking 1st Place in a 10 mile individual time trial conducted there.

In Steve's Words:
I was not planning on racing this past Saturday, but the Western Pennsylvanian Wheelmen were putting on a TT at the Bud Harris track. This was a nice low-key event, with no entry fee and no prizes, just the fun and pain that comes with a TT.

I had done hard interval training (on that same track) the Thursday before and was planning to put in another hard training effort on Saturday. Instead I signed in at the Wheelmen's 10 mile time trail.  I ended up with fasted time of the day, but there were a number of young riders who put in some fantastic times and will surely be guys to watch in the future.

The results are posed on the Wheelmen's site http://wpwbikeclub.org/?p=300

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