ACA Criteriums

Sam Morrison & Steve Brewer headed into Pittsburgh to race the Allegheny Cycling Association's Wednesday Night Criterium at the Bud Harris Track.

Thing is, the two of them got there in DRASTICALLY different ways!

With Sam in training for a 100 mile Mtn Bike Race, a race now only 2 weeks out, he somehow convinced his dad, Kirk Morrison, to RIDE to the track, on their bikes ...from Butler!  THEN, Sam planned to jump into the A-Race to accumulate more "chamois time"!

Meanwhile, Steve Brewer and Henry Dimmick headed to the track (in their trucks!) to prepare for Steve's Friday Assault on the 1-lap Track Record.  As the oval started to fill with racers warming up for the evening's events, Henry headed back to Butler and other obligations.


As Kirk watched on as Ag3r SuperFan...

Sam animated the A-Race with multiple attacks and covers, ending up a respectable 16th Overall.

Steve saved his energy for the the final laps of the race, and while 2 brekaway riders ultimately escaped, Steve found himself in (14th) coming our the final turn.

Just then, one sprinting group went left while another group went right....and Steve found himself looking straight up the line as the EXACT same moment he lit his afterburners.  It is said, that at that very moment, there were two claps of THUNDER as Steve passed everyone in front of him to WIN the field sprint for 3rd Place Overall.

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