East Ohio TT

Ray Sielski, Steve Marlette, Henry Dimmick and Randy McCracken took part in an 8am start,  moderately windy but sunny, Race #5 Finale of the 2011 East Ohio Time Trial Series.

On the line leading into this race was (1) Steve's lead in the Men's 40-49 Series Standings, and (2) Henry's Podium Position in the Men's Fixed Gear Series.

By the time the suffering was over, the results of the race, and the series, shook out as follows:

Race #5
Men's 40-49:
1st Place - Steve Marlette

Men's 50-59
2nd Place - Randy McCracken

5th Place - Ray Sielski (P.R. by 20 seconds)

Men's Fixed Gear
1st Place - Henry Dimmick (P.R. by 80 seconds)

...then the awards ceremony turned to the...

2011 Overall Summer Series:
Men's 18-29
3rd Place - Steve Brewer

Men's 40-49
1st Place - Steve Marlette
8th Place - Donnie Panizales

Men's 50-59
2nd Place - Randy McCracken
9th Place - Kirk Morrison
11th Place - Ray Sielski
17th Place - Henry Dimmick
19th Place - Rich Allen

Men's Fixed Gear
1st Place - Henry Dimmick 

Afterwards, Randy held Steve from falling under the weight of ALL his 2011 Series medals...

...and ALL the Series winners got to pose for a photo :)

A great series run by Brian Baird ...and a great way to END the ROAD season!

From here (~Akron, Ohio), Randy headed home...Steve headed to Ireland for a warm Guinness...

...while Henry & Ray left for (~Cleveland) for a 1pm start CycloCross race! 

Stay tuned for these DAILY DOUBLE results to be posted next!

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