PMVC Master's Criterium

Henry Dimmick and Kirk Morrison were joined by Ken DeFurio at the final PMVC Friday Night race of the 2011 Season.  While these races were shorter than (normal) due to the fading daylight of a late August evening, they were no less intense..as the only old guys that show up for this stuff are the FAST OLD GUYS!!!

50+ Criterium
6th Place - Kirk Morrison
8th Place - Henry Dimmick
Mid-Race Prime Winner - Henry Dimmick

40+ Criterium
8th Place - Henry Dimmick
10th Place - Ken DeFurio
16th Place - Kirk Morrison
Mid-Race Prime Winner - Henry Dimmick

...and then we hung out in the Police Parking Lot (replenishing our carbos) until 10:00pm!

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