Aliquippa Criterium

Story by Mark Briercheck

Aliquippa Criterium - June 10th, 2012

The Killa' B's!

On a sunny and warm Sunday morning in June, the 3 B's (Brewer/Brewer/Briercheck) met up at the annual Aliquippa Criterium to be a part of a frentic race.

Complete Results: http://www.usacycling.org/results/?permit=2012-1773

Cat 1/2/3
With perfect temperatures and sunny skies - the 1/2/3 race kicked off at 8:30 am. Steve and I evaluated the situation and made plans for bringing home the win. As we rolled to the line Steve noted a number of heavy hitters in the field so we discussed who to watch and who should do the work. And without surprise - the race turned very fast very soon so we sat in and rode smart.

Photo by Fred Jordan
The field had a few breakaways but despite the attempts the field always swallowed them back up.

Photo by Hannah Brewer
The biggest event of the race was a truck spilling diesel fuel in turn 3 as we came around. But corner marshals jumped on the situation like a honey badger on a snake (ewww!) and they had the corner clean and safe in no time.

 Coming into the final sprint Steve and I both tried to get a solid position and hold in for the sprint but lots of traffic and tired legs took their toll and we finished mid-pack. Overall a fast and fun race!

NOTE: (Steve's Garmin reported that the 25 mile crit averaged 24.4 mph... with the final lap averaging 30.2 mph!)

13th Place - Steven Brewer
15th Place - Mark Briercheck

Cat 3/4 Race
23rd Place - Steven Brewer

Photo by Fred Jordan

Womens Cat 4
6th Place - Hannah Brewer 

Good Job Everyone!

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