PMVC Track Night

...is the only rule in Track Racing!

Thanks to Oscar Swan and PMVC, another Fixed-Gear Friday Night at the Track season has begun.

After selecting Steve Brewer as the evenings go-to-guy for the sprint,

 Henry Dimmick went to work as lead-out/domestique,

while Hannah Brewer worked as SuperFan, capturing it all on "film".
Story by Oscar:
Results from Friday Night Track, July 15, 2012.
Friday Night Track Night is the best-kept bike-event secret in town. The quality of racing is really good and evenly matched, and the chance for anaerobic training is unmatched. Ask Henry Dimmick, once he catches his breath. Thanks to Jacob Yundt for beer. Here are the results:

2-lap TT
5th @2.17 - Steve Brewer
6th @2.18 - Henry Dimmick

Danish Sprint
1st - Steve Brewer
6th - Henry Dimmick

(2 heats + repechage + finals)
1st - Steve Brewer
5th - Henry Dimmick

Points Race to Infinity
3rd - Steve Brewer
6th - Henry Dimmick

8-Lap Handicap
1st - Steve Brewer
5th - Henry Dimmick

Omnium Winners:
2nd Place - Steve Brewer
7th Place - Henry Dimmick

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