A new Friday Night at the Track Season has begun!

The Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club (PMVC) Friday Night at the track is an alternating schedule of Individual Time Trials and Fixed Gear Track Bike nights.  The opening event was the 5 mile TT.

Results by Oscar Swan:

June 8. 5 Mile Time Trial. Summer Kicker-Offer. Good fast weather, and 8 people under 11 minutes, but no one came close to the men’s record of 10.16. Stephanie Swan tied Sinead Miller’s record of 11.36.

3rd Place - @10.42 Steve Brewer (Personal Record)

5th Place - @10.48 Stephen Marlette

8th Place - @10.58 Steve Brewer (2nd attempt)

21st Place - @11.52 Mark Briercheck

27th Place - @12.21 Kirk Morrison

28th Place - @12.26 Raymond Sielski (Personal Record)

30th Place - @13.09 Hannah Brewer (2nd woman)

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